Letter From Supervisor Dan Storck Regarding Airplane Noise

April 28, 2017

April 10, 2017

Dear Resident,

For well over a year now, the citizens of the Mount Vernon District have come to me with serious concerns about the impact of increased air traffic and noise over our neighborhoods. As a resident of Riverside Gardens, I have also experienced the noise firsthand. As you may know, more than 300 of our residents attended a heated meeting with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at Reagan National Airport (DCA) in June 2016. At that meeting, the FAA said they would provide more information and an update in 12-18 months. Since that meeting, air traffic has only gotten worse.

The Washington Post published an article on April 2, stating that 23.6 million passengers traveled through National Airport in 2016, and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) expects there to be more “growth” at National in 2017. This further emphasizes the fact that air traffic will only continue to get worse over our Mount Vernon neighborhoods.

Key facts about this important issue:

  • The Mount Vernon area has always experienced some air traffic, in fact flights used to have scattered patterns, but the noise and number of flights has continued to increase with the implementation of the FAA’s Next Gen air traffic control system at DCA in 2015.
  • Designed to increase fuel efficiency and increase the number of flights in and out of airports, NextGen flight paths are similar to a robotic assembly line that sends airplanes along one conveyor belt, traveling over the same neighborhoods over and over, often at low altitudes and sometimes at a rate of one airplane every 30 seconds for hours on end.
  • The FAA implemented NextGen without community notification or consultation, and did not conduct any environmental studies.
  • Airplanes start as early as 5:15 am and fly as late as 1:00 am.

This June 2017, will be the one year anniversary of the DCA meeting. Therefore, I am inviting you and other neighborhood association presidents, and all interested residents to attend an educational and informational meeting on May 10 to ramp up our community’s activism and request for action from the FAA. I also invite you to join the recently organized committee that is leading these efforts, called the South Flow Alliance, as we are seeking input and support from Mount Vernon residents to hold the FAA accountable.

Thank you in advance for your consideration to join this cause! I hope to see you at the May 10 event.

Respectfully yours in public service,

Dan Storck
Supervisor, Mount Vernon District
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors


Airplane Noise


How do you get involved? Please join us May 10 at 7pm where you can:

  • Learn about the FAA/MWAA process from local expert Mike Rioux, Mount Vernon District Airports Advisory Board Appointee
  • Hear about how to get involved at a local level from Supervisor Dan Storck
  • Join a community committee created by the South Flow Alliance

Please distribute this invitation in your community and join:


May 10th, 7pm to 9:30pm

Walt Whitman Middle School, Lecture Hall

2500 Parkers Ln, Alexandria, VA 22306

Visit South Flow Alliance’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/southflowalliance/

For additional information on MWAA Airplane Noise: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/mountvernon/mwaa-airport-noise-report.htm