NVTA Funding: None for Richmond Highway

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) has issued its FY2017 Project List for public comment. Widening Richmond Highway from Napper Road to Mount Vernon Memorial Highway is not recommended by NVTA staff for FY2017  funding.

NVTA decisions are based on staff recommendations and public input.

Why is this important? Completion of the engineering phase, utility relocation, site plan,and right-of-way acquisition are required when submitting an application for construction funding. In order to submit a timely application, there must be continuous progress and funding for the criteria listed above. Richmond Highway must be widened in order to install the Bus Rapid Transit lanes as part of the Embark process.
The public comment period is ongoing and runs until 5:00 pm on June 17, 2016. An open house, three town hall meetings, and program contact information are listed below: