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Listen to (or read) the hour-long piece on Route 1 that NPR’s local station WAMU 88.5 premiered on its Metro Connection program.


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12/22/2013:   Mount Vernon residents oppose auto title loan firm

11/07/2013:   Huntington transformation continues with Combined Properties’ Penn Daw

10/22/2013:   Countywide Dialogue on Transportation

10/17/2013:   Thumbs down for A&R’s Huntington Metro project from Fairfax planners

10/04/2013:   Creating ‘Vibrant Streets’: SFDC hosts Route 1 Development Forum

09/25/2013:   Route 1 Corridor Needs ‘Focal Point’ to Become Vibrant Street

09/13/2013:   Route 1 Improvements at Fort Belvoir Scheduled to Begin Spring 2014

09/10/2013:   SFDC to Host Vibrant Streets Summit at Hampton Inn & Suites

09/06/2013:   Beyond the City Limits: The Revitalization of Richmond Highway

09/05/2013:   What Do You Think of the Revitalization on Route 1?

08/30/2013:   Vibrant Streets Summit 3rd Speaker

08/14/2013:   Vibrant Streets Summit Sept. 25

08/12/2013:   City View Brewhouse Coming Soon to Richmond Highway

08/09/2013:   Construction Progress for Fordson Place

07/08/2013:   VDRPT Transportation Study for Richmond Highway

06/06/2013:   SFDC Hires New Marketing and Communications Manager

06/05/2013:   VSE Building, Biscayne and Other Development Updates

06/04/2013:   An Update on Richmond Highway Projects

06/03/2013:   Costco, Richmond Highway Widening, Mulligan Road Updates

05/23/2013:   SFDC Hosts Open House at Beacon of Groveton

03/19/2013:   Q&A With SFDC Executive Director Edythe Kelleher

02/16/2013:   With Tyson’s Corner Plan in Place, Fairfax County to Build Elsewhere

01/02/2013:   January 9 open house

08/18/2008:   Highway of Cool